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Hemp Tea for Health

Benefits of Hemp CBD Teas & Infusions

For most, a warm cup of tea is a relaxing way to wind down the day, enjoy an afternoon tea break, or even start your morning off on the right foot. When you add hemp to the mix what you have is a tea that helps to promote overall wellness and brings the benefits of tea to a new level! Hemp tea is known for holding some pretty impressive potential health benefits. So let’s take a look at what this tea can do for your health.

The Difference Between ‘Tea’ and ‘Infusion’?

Definition of ‘Tea’

The general definition of a ‘Tea’ is a hot drink which has been infused with herbs, one of which is normally Camellia Sinensis of the family Theaceae, the tea family.

Definition of ‘Infusion’

An Infusion is made by allowing something (such as herbs) to stay in a liquid (such as hot water) and extract its soluble constituents. This term is normally used for any other herbal drink which does not contain Camellia Sinensis of the tea family.

Benefits of Hemp CBD Teas & Infusions

So, what makes hemp tea so great? First and foremost, hemp tea contains a rich source of antioxidants as well as cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is one of many cannabinoids found in hemp and may be responsible for the incredible health benefits which we will talk about in just a moment. If you are a tea drinker, you may be surprised to find out that hemp tea has been linked to some of the same health benefits as black, and white tea. Here are just a few reasons you may want to consider drinking hemp tea.

Hemp Tea May Help Improve Sleep

There are herbal teas such as chamomile tea that have been associated with their ability to help aid sleep, but as it turns out hemp tea can help promote a restful night sleep as well. With millions of people suffering from insomnia and other sleep disturbances finding natural ways to induce sleep is an important part of helping one achieve overall health and wellness. It is thought that those with sleep issues can possibly benefit from this CBD rich tea before hitting the hay. Give it a try it may be just what you need to feel rested after a good night sleep.

Hemp Tea May Help you Combat Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of life, but learning how to deal with the stressors of life is an important piece of living a healthy and happy life. CBD has been shown to have therapeutic effects on the mind by potentially reducing anxiety and depression. Here’s just one more reason to brew yourself a cup of calming hemp tea.

Beat Nausea with Hemp Tea

For some, nausea is a common occurrence among those who suffer from chronic digestive distress. While there are pharmaceutical drugs available, these don’t come without side effects which is why hemp tea comes as such a relief. The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology has published studies stating the anti-nausea properties of CBD found in hemp tea. This could be a game changer for those who suffer from frequent nausea.

Skip the caffeine, and give hemp tea a try. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

There are many other benefits of Hemp and our knowledge of this plant is expanding rapidly. We encourage everyone to undertake their own research on this amazing plant. 

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