Lets "GroWellness"

Plant Based, Cruelty-Free, Ethical, Sustainable, Nutritional, that's living the Hemp Life

'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.' - Margaret Mead


We are all one with the Earth, and the signs are clear. The Earth is crying out for more sustainable practices in every aspect. We are extremely passionate about the plant ‘Hemp’ because of the potential it has to make change on this planet. Right now it is obvious that something needs to shift for there to be a positive future for the next generations, and we see Hemp as a part of the solution.

Plant Based

We have come into the time of understanding that man can survive on plants alone and we as individuals choose and support plant-based living in the new Era that is arising in humanities compassion. Our motivations at Hemp Earth Nation are environmental sustainability, ethical business practices and transparency while delivering value and healthy products for you and the Earth. We see that for us to support and promote this plant, will make a difference in someone’s life. Creating a successful brand is great, but improving the lives of all beings and rectifying the health of the Earth is truly an invaluable pursuit.


We bring you our passion which is our range of quality Hemp Teas and Infusions. Every aspect of what we do is aiming to be ethical. Our blending and packing facilities are all organic/fair-trade certified. Our Hemp is not yet certified as organic, but we hope to achieve this in the near future. Every other ingredient in our blends is certified organic.


Our Hemp is free of pesticides and herbicides as it does not need this to grow. We micro-test each batch to make sure it is of the very best quality before putting it into our blends. Our tea bags are bio-degradable with an organic-cotton string and use a compression-technique to hold them together, therefore eliminating the need for staples, plastics or glues, meaning there are zero nasties in your cup of Hemp Tea!


Our core team consists of partners Richard Hawker and Nina Wainman, along with other associated partners and professionals who combined, bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, systems and the equipment needed to produce our high-quality products.


This has been a collaboration of love, and we hope you feel it… Best wishes in health, Hemp Earth Nation Team.