Hemp Revival Infusion






Hemp Revival Infusion – 100% Hemp

I am revolution, an awakening of the once taboo conditioning.

I have power that has been misconstrued and yet I am still here. I offer you calm, food, fibre and fuel… but this has always been.

Now I am back in a true revival and I will challenge everything and all those who try to stop me. I am a rebel. I am change. I am here.

For your higher dose of CBD, the Hemp Revival Infusion

Every Aspect of what we do is Aiming to be Ethical

Our blending and packing facilities are all organic/ fair-trade certified. Our Hemp is not yet certified as organic, but we hope to achieve this in the near future. Every other ingredient in our blends is certified organic.

Our Hemp is free of pesticides and herbicides as it does not need this to grow. We micro-test each batch to make sure it is of the very best quality before putting it into our blends.

Our tea bags are bio-degradable with an organic-cotton string and use a compression-technique to hold them together, therefore eliminating the need for staples, plastics or glues, meaning there are zero nasties in your cup of Hemp tea!


Hemp 100%

Hemp Revival Infusion