Hemp Tummy Love Infusion






Hemp Tummy Love Infusion – Hemp, Hibiscus & Ginger

Created with your tummy’s core health in mind, while being beautiful in its subtle pink taste.

The Hemp Tummy Love Infusion contains CBD which helps support the endocrine system and aid relaxation. Ginger and Peppermint both help ease the stomach after a big meal. Hibiscus can be great for the immunity and can also help an upset stomach. Lemon balm to aid in calm. Orange peel for vitamin C and flavonoids. This tea was made with the intention of relaxation and comfort of the digestive tract and can be consumed at any time of the day or night.

Every Aspect of what we do is Aiming to be Ethical

Our blending and packing facilities are all organic/ fair-trade certified. Our Hemp is not yet certified as organic, but we hope to achieve this in the near future. Every other ingredient in our blends is certified organic.

Our Hemp is free of pesticides and herbicides as it does not need this to grow. We micro-test each batch to make sure it is of the very best quality before putting it into our blends.

Our tea bags are bio-degradable with an organic-cotton string and use a compression-technique to hold them together, therefore eliminating the need for staples, plastics or glues, meaning there are zero nasties in your cup of Hemp tea!


Hemp 34%, Hibiscus 20%, Ginger 15%, Orange, Cardamon, Peppermint and Meadowsweet.

Hemp Earth Tummy Love Infusion